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3Cinnolighting DMX Tube Project In Thailand
Nov 30, 2018

We are happy to share with you a recent DMX tube project in Thailand.

DMX Tube Project

This project was installed in Thailand club. Through communication with our client, we understand that they want to use our DMX products work with our Artnet-DMX controllers and use the Madrix software to achieve the vivid effect. 


This project mainly uses 750 pcs DMX 0.5M milky DMX tubes. Each DMX digital tube is DC24V with16 pcs high brightness 5050 LEDs. It's 8 pixels, 24 DMX addresses.

In addition, three 16-port Artnet-DMX control systems were used. Each Artnet has 16 universes, each universe is 512 DMX addresses, which is equivalent to 170 RGB pixels.

Our DMX tube is the standard DMX signal that can be addressed individually. And the signal is a quite stable, no any flickering!

It's a great success for this project. The club owner is satisfied with the final effect. 

3Cinnolighting always committed to assisting customers and helping them to complete the design they want. We not only provide products but most importantly, we can customize different Lighting/Screen products according to customers' requirement for different projects. Our aim is to provide you a fantastic LED Lighting experience!

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