LED High Power

  • DMX Wall Wash High Power LED Pixel
    LED wall washer usually come in linear form,but have you ever been troubled by that when it comes to dealing with something that cannot fit linear fixture?Try this new DMX wall wash light.It will let you do more than ever before.High power LED based,it is in dot form,more...
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  • 64mm DMX High Power LED Pixel
    64mm DMX High Power RGB LED Pixel features 1 piece of 3W high power LED that run at DC12V operation. Aluminum housing is designed for dissipating heat over long run.It is commonly used as outdoor architectural lighting and entertainment lighting. DIAMETER 64mm diameter 64mm...
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  • 80mm DMX High Power LED Pixel
    Diameter 80mm (3.1”) DMX High Power LED Pixel comes in a cylinder aluminum housing designed for heat dissipation.Instead of using over 10 pcs SMD LEDs to get high brightness,this pixel applies only 1 piece of 3 watts high power LED.It delivers good performance when working...
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