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  • Mini Q-Dot

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    Mini Q-Dot

    Mini-Q-Dot is a full-color LED pixel dot light, which is designed for creative decoration lighting. Each pixel is a separate lighting pixel, and each pixel having various of lighting color changing effects.Multiple LED dots to form creative shapes or 3D visual matrix. It can...Read More

  • 50mm DMX Square LED Pixel Indoor

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    50mm DMX Square LED Pixel Indoor

    DMX LED pixels have a variety of light diffusers designed for different lighting effects. The 50mm pixel of indoor version is based on a square substrate with a translucent cube cover. The lead cables come out of the bottom of the square base instead of both sides. It is...Read More

  • DMX K-Dot

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    DMX K-Dot

    DMX K-Dot features a unique and stylish design like no other pixel lights. It has a shape neither square nor round, hard to describe but delivering freeform style just as its versatility. To create pixel wall, to dasiy chain them for interesting models, or to decorate...Read More

  • DMX E-Dot

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    DMX E-Dot

    DMX E-Dot is a lighting fixture that has some features in between I-Pixel series and R-Dot Series. You can use E-Dot individually with connectors coming out of both ends like I-Pixels; or use them in a flexible strand to create a pixel video wall like R-dot strings. It is...Read More

  • RGBW DMX LED Pixel Light

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    RGBW DMX LED Pixel Light

    RGBW DMX LED Pixel Light,or our DMX Super Dot,is designed for extraordinary effects applicable for vitually all types of events.Colors are avaiable in 3-in-1 RGB,RGB+White and white(2600-6500).PC diffuser joins clear flat and milky dome.Individually addressable pixel can be...Read More

  • 30mm DMX LED Pixel

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    30mm DMX LED Pixel

    30mm DMX RGB LED Pixel is a flexible strand of 20 full color pixels with a spacing of about 10~15cm (5.90~3.94").Leader cables on both ends of the string split power and signal.You can use the string individually or daisy chain them into more interesting form factor.You...Read More

  • 50mm DMX LED Pixel

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    50mm DMX LED Pixel

    Compared with 30mm pixel in DMX I-Pixel series,diameter 50mm LED pixel is individually addressable LED node with leader cables coming out of both ends.Either you use them individually or chain them into longer strings,they are great for both entertainment lighting and...Read More

  • 100mm DMX LED Pixel

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    100mm DMX LED Pixel

    100mm DMX LED Pixel looks phyically different from 50mm pixel but they work the same way electrically.They also share the same applications.You can use them individually because there are 4-pin connectors coming out of both ends; or chain them to in longer strings. By either...Read More

  • 120mm DMX LED Pixel

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    120mm DMX LED Pixel

    120mm DMX RGB LED Pixel has the largest size among DMX I-Pixel Series.It is specially designed for architectural use,featuring 18 LEDs for large amount of light output.It is not only suitable for outdoor architectural uses,it will also be great for stage decoration where the...Read More

  • WS2811 30mm LED Pixel

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    WS2811 30mm LED Pixel

    30mm WS2811 LED Pixel share the same look with its DMX version.It is ws2811 based and is controllable via a WS2811 controller.You can use it in a DMX control system only when you use a DMX to PWM decoder to convert the DMX signal.It’s great for decoration in bars,...Read More

  • WS2811 50mm LED Pixel

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    WS2811 50mm LED Pixel

    50mm WS2811 LED Pixel is based on WS2811.It is physically same with its DMX version.WS2811 based LED fixture is a cost-effective solution to you event if you are not looking for high end DMX lighting items.Still it is controllable via a WS2811 controller or even by DMX...Read More

  • WS2811 100mm LED Pixel

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    WS2811 100mm LED Pixel

    When you are searching pixel lights for large-scale building illumination,100mm WS2811 RGB Pixel will be a cost-effective solution. Based on WS2811,RGB color changing mode is controlled by WS2811 controller.It is still possible to use DMX interface for control only when a DMX...Read More

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