LED Linear Lighting

  • 10Pixel/M DMX Flexible Strip

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    10Pixel/M DMX Flexible Strip

    This DMX Ribbon Tape comes in 5-meter reel with 60pcs superbright SMD5050 LEDs per meter. Each 6-LED section is cuttable and individual addressable, combine ...Read More

  • DMX Ultra-Slim Bar

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    DMX Ultra-Slim Bar

    DMX Ultra-Slim Bar is the new product in lighting bar series that comes with ultra-thin and ultra-slim body. With that new feature and its small pixel pitch16.6, it could be constructed as LED video screen for your different purpose. Creative shapes could be achieved by our...Read More

  • DMX Mirror Bar

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    DMX Mirror Bar

    DMX mirror bar has silver coating all over the aluminum profile and PC cover, creative mirror effects. Mirror diffuser make the light much clear and pure. It can be sets up in minutes with minimal technical know-how. IP65 rated, can be used in indoor and outdoor. ...Read More

  • 1.2m RGB DMX LED Wall Washer

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    1.2m RGB DMX LED Wall Washer

    This is the strengthened wall washers with high product reliability for outdoor use. They are strictly tested by waterproof tester, salty spray tester and UV tester. The air hole at the structure bottom is designed to maintain the same pressure from inside and outside wall...Read More

  • DMX 3D Milky V-Tube

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    DMX 3D Milky V-Tube

    DMX 3D Milky V-Tube is the new version in V-series that come with more LEDs in 1 meter tube of 80mm diameter. The real 360°visibility is guaranteed by 360 LEDs extending to 5 PCB board, with 72 LEDs on each. Translucent light diffuser spreads even and soft light without hot...Read More

  • DMX Ice Bar

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    DMX Ice Bar

    This newly released DMX aluminum bar,also called DMX Ice Bar,let you enjoy the light even more.With the special ice-like diffuser of 18mm (0.71”) thickness,it delivers soft and even glow without hot spot or harsh glare better than any other conventional linear lighting...Read More

  • DMX 3D Laser V-Tube

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    DMX 3D Laser V-Tube

    DMX 3D Laser V-Tube is a new lighting fixture that combines LED with laser.Other than the vertical way of installation and 3D effects,the laser pixel added to the end of the tube spices the flavor up.RGB LEDs alongside the laser beam are controllable via DMX interface.To get...Read More

  • DMX 3D Silver V-Tube

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    DMX 3D Silver V-Tube

    This model of V-Tube delivers a silver-coated diffuser designed for a special flavor.Instead of seeing every single LED changing color through a clear PC diffuser,silver-coated model spreads out even glow and you it will be like to see silver magically changing color.It is...Read More

  • DMX X-Vtube

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    DMX X-Vtube

    DMX X-Vtube is the newest LED lighting, a mixing of strengths of X-bar and V-tube. It is capable of interesting 2 or 3 dimensional LED fixtures which is visible for 360 degree. 50% lighter than traditional aluminum X-Bar, it allows for hanging installation under certain...Read More

  • DMX 3D V-Tube

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    DMX 3D V-Tube

    DMX 3D Vertical Tube series features double sided LEDs on the PCB,visible for 360 degrees.The installation is to hang them straight down with T-Connectors that electrically links three sections together in a “T” formation. Conforming to DMX512 protocol,it delivers...Read More

  • 6 Pixel/m DMX Flexible Strip

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    6 Pixel/m DMX Flexible Strip

    This DMX LED strip comes in 5m reel with separate data and power wires coming out of both ends.This is an intelligently addressable DMX strip and you can address each 6-LED segment via DMX512. Expansion is easy made by simply connecting one strip after another (max 25mof...Read More

  • 16Pixel/m DMX Flexible Strip

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    16Pixel/m DMX Flexible Strip

    This DMX RGB Flexible LED Strip features 32RGB LEDs and 16pixels (48CH) per meter. Each 2 LED segment is addressable and controllable via DMX. They usually come in 5m reel and can be uses individually or chained into longer strings. There are two versions concerning DMX...Read More

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