LED Digital Tube

  • DMX 3D V-Tube
    DMX 3D Vertical Tube series features double sided LEDs on the PCB,visible for 360 degrees.The installation is to hang them straight down with T-Connectors that electrically links three sections together in a “T” formation. Conforming to DMX512 protocol,it delivers...
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  • DMX 3D Milky V-Tube
    DMX 3D Milky V-Tube is the new version in V-series that come with more LEDs in 1 meter tube of 80mm diameter. The real 360°visibility is guaranteed by 360 LEDs extending to 5 PCB board, with 72 LEDs on each. Translucent light diffuser spreads even and soft light without hot...
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  • DMX 3D Laser V-Tube
    DMX 3D Laser V-Tube is a new lighting fixture that combines LED with laser.Other than the vertical way of installation and 3D effects,the laser pixel added to the end of the tube spices the flavor up.RGB LEDs alongside the laser beam are controllable via DMX interface.To get...
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  • DMX 3D Silver V-Tube
    This model of V-Tube delivers a silver-coated diffuser designed for a special flavor.Instead of seeing every single LED changing color through a clear PC diffuser,silver-coated model spreads out even glow and you it will be like to see silver magically changing color.It is...
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  • DMX X-Vtube
    DMX X-Vtube is the newest LED lighting, a mixing of strengths of X-bar and V-tube. It is capable of interesting 2 or 3 dimensional LED fixtures which is visible for 360 degree. 50% lighter than traditional aluminum X-Bar, it allows for hanging installation under certain...
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  • DMX RGB LED Tube
    DMX Digital tube comes in a standard 1 meter length with 32 RGB LEDs,each 2-LED section addressable.It is larger in size than DMX bar fixtures and has a convex PC diffuser that joins clear and milky,fixed onto its aluminum substrate.There are two options concerning cable...
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