LED Mesh Lights

  • DMX R-Dot
    DMX LED Mesh Lights,or DMX R-Dot,is the upgraded version of DMX S-Dot.It comes in a twist-off round cap for easy maintanece.You can just twist the cover off its square-shaped substrate like you do with the cap of a water bottle.R-Dot comes in strings and has a wide range of...
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  • LED Flexi Mesh (Multiple LEDs)
    LED Mesh Lights is one of the most flexible and versatile LED lighting items for entertainment and architectural lighting production.It delivers impressive feature shared by both display and lighting.Flexi mesh usually comes in string consisting of square-shaped LED pixels...
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  • LED Flexi Mesh (Single LED)
    Our LED RGB Mesh Lights are screen-wise kind of LED lighting fixture.But being flexible and lightweight is the advantage it has over conventional LED display.You will have a flexible frame for assembling strings of dot into panel.The length and width of each panel is...
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  • DMX S-Dot (Out of Production)
    DMX S-Dot gives the lighting effects a different flavor with its square-shaped body.They usually come in strings with a spacing about 15cm(5.9") between each dot.They are designed for versatile solution to your event.You will have a matched soft frame that let you put...
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