Multi-Function Lighting Controller

  • Master-Slave Controller
    Features Compatible with varieties of LED driver chips including DMX, WS2811, WS2812, etc. Ethernet connection LED controller; Control mode: on-line control / off control; One output port can control 512 channels (DMX Controller Lighting Fixtures) or 512 Pixels (Non DMX...
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  • Real Time LED Controller
    Features Working with the video mapping software LedEdit,LED lighting ranging from dot lighting to linear lighting is controllable by this controller. 8 ports, max controllable pixel up to 1024 for 32 gray scale level;512 for 256 gray scale level.Applicable for single-wire...
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  • SD LED Controller
    This version of SD card controls both DMX compatible LED lighting products as well as those with driver chips like WS2811,WS2801,WS2803,WS2803,to name a few. Features This controller reads SD cards that store programs for lighting. It’s applicable for LED lighting items with...
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