DMX Decoder

  • DMX To PWM Converter RGB 3 CH
    3CH DMX decoder receives standard DMX-512 digital control signals and converts to PWM (pulse width modulation) signals for driving LEDs.Connect to any DMX digital console to achieve dimming and various color changing patterns. Connection Guide Similar Products: DMX To PWM...
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  • DMX To PWM Converter RGB 36 CH
    Easy connect with DMX control system.Support WS2811/WS2801 SMD 5050 /SMD3528 RGB/RGBW strip and single color strip.256 gradations and full-color, achieve the asynchronous color changes effect.Good noise-proof feature.Crazy effect and special shape application, good lighting...
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  • DMX To PWM Converter RGBW 4 CH
    Energy Saving Design It will be off when it is not in operation in 10 second. Protection Mode Menu will be back to the first progress after 10 seconds in case of any inappropriate operation. Convenient Remote control mode allows for remote debugging. 4 Channels Applicable for...
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  • Multi-Function Decoder
    This Multi-function Decoder features its super power to decode a wide range of driver chips and it work with DMX address writer.It receives standard DMX512 signal and converts it into SPI for driving LED.You can connect this DMX decoder to our Artnet controller or SD card...
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