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3Cinno Architectural Lighting Project
Dec 25, 2017


3Cinno reports the fulfillment of the much-discussed dazzling DMX 3D Milky V-Tube venture outlined and introduced at the building located in Harbor Road of Wanchai.

The lighting apparatus of the decision was the 50-watt RGB LED open-air Flood lights that are DMX controlled were determined for the venture to make a diverse look washing against the building's structural steel bars. 

"We are satisfied that our imaginative LED lighting items have been chosen for use in this venture. We endeavor to outline and deliver items that are both utilitarian and loan themselves to accomplishing the aesthetic standards of task fashioners," says the manager, Antonio.


The building located in Harbor Road of Wanchai lodging is composed by designer jake + Associates. The new area is situated insignificant squares far from the building located in Harbor Road of Wanchai. The building highlights 2,000 square feet of ground-floor retail space combined with the building's whole second floor, totaling 10,000 square feet. The undertaking will associate existing structures with another 27,077 square-foot property including an eye-getting glass outside.


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DMX 3D Milky V-Tube

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