DMX Controller 1 Universe

DMX Controller 1 Universe
Product Details

 LT-800 DMX512 Controller is the output signal of international standard DMX/1990Performance           


1. With LCD screen,easy to operate in showing all functions.

2.Built-in perpetual calendar, real-time display system clock, can be set up to play different programs in any time.

3. 580 lighting modes such as, full 7 color, skipping synchronism, smooth synchronism, color flow, color chasing.

4. Multilevel changing speed, brightness and RGB grey scale adjustable for your choices.

5. Feel free to define many changing modes into a step, 8 independent cycle steps maximum.

6. Output with international Standard signal DMX512/1990, can control 512 DMX channels( 170 full color RGB pixels)

7. Support different output ports like standard XLR-3,RJ45 and Green terminal. etc.

8. With the functions of anti-interference and automatic breakdown recovery.                                                                                                                           

Product Configuration:     

Voltage:DC12V (with an adapter to   convert AC100-240V to DC12V)
Output Signal:DMX512
Output port:1 Port
Transmission Speed :250Kbps
Change mode:580 modes
Control Quantity :512 DMX channels( 170 pixels)
Dimming range:0~100%
Working Temp:-30℃~65
Size: L163×W108×H40mm
Package Sise:L260×W132×H46mm
Gross Weight:760g

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