LED Light Ball

  • DMX Bulb
    DMX Bulb is a DMX based lighting fixture that has a look of regular LED bulb. It has double-sided LEDs and is usually hanging straight down for installation.You can customize the lighting suspension for specific project. It is used for lighting decoration in wedding parties,...
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  • 40mm DMX 3D Ball
    DMX RGB LED Digital Ball is a creative source that constantly gives inspiration to lighting designers.It’s great for decoration in clubs,bars,concert stage,shows,festivals,etc.It's easily programmed via DMX presenting fantastic lighting effects.When addressing the...
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  • 50mm DMX 3D Ball
    DMX Q-Ball features double-sided LEDs,visible for 360 degree.It delivers the best 3D effects when programmed via powerful lighting design software like madrix,madmapper in any standard DMX control system.Usually it comes in a standard string of 20 balls with the spacing around...
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