• DMX Ultra-Slim Bar

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    DMX Ultra-Slim Bar

    DMX Ultra-Slim Bar is the new product in lighting bar series that comes with ultra-thin and ultra-slim body. With that new feature and its small pixel pitch16.6, it could be constructed as LED video screen for your different purpose. Creative shapes could be achieved by our...Read More

  • DMX Mirror Bar

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    DMX Mirror Bar

    DMX mirror bar has silver coating all over the aluminum profile and PC cover, creative mirror effects. Mirror diffuser make the light much clear and pure. It can be sets up in minutes with minimal technical know-how. IP65 rated, can be used in indoor and outdoor. ...Read More

  • DMX Ice Bar

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    DMX Ice Bar

    This newly released DMX aluminum bar,also called DMX Ice Bar,let you enjoy the light even more.With the special ice-like diffuser of 18mm (0.71”) thickness,it delivers soft and even glow without hot spot or harsh glare better than any other conventional linear lighting...Read More

  • 1 Pixel/m DMX X-Bar

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    1 Pixel/m DMX X-Bar

    If you are looking for LED lighting fixture capable of making complex three-dimensional configuration,DMX X-Bar couldn't be a better choice.It delivers the matched X-Ball connector with sockets for bars to fit into in multiple directions.It make two and even three...Read More

  • 16 Pixel/m DMX X-Bar

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    16 Pixel/m DMX X-Bar

    DMX X-Bar is a handy solution to your lighting projects where you plan 3D physical arrangements.The matched X-Ball connector with sockets make it possible to join each bar together and form a certain shape.It comes in a standard 1 meter length and optional length available in...Read More

  • 42 Pixel/m DMX X-Bar

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    42 Pixel/m DMX X-Bar

     DMX X-Bar is designed for high capability of making creative 3D forms.It lets you have any interesting arrangements at your fingertips.All the possible 3D forms are delivered by the bars joining each other on X-Ball connectors with sockets.This model has 42 three in one...Read More

  • 16 Pixel/m DMX Aluminum Bar

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    16 Pixel/m DMX Aluminum Bar

    DMX Aluminum Bar is powered at DC12V.It comes in standard 1 meter length with 32 full color LEDs,each 2-LED section addressable.Optional length is available in 0.5m and 1.5m.Flat PC color joins clear and milky.Run this fixture in any standard DMX control system to make...Read More

  • 20 Pixel/m DMX Aluminum Bar

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    20 Pixel/m DMX Aluminum Bar

    DMX RGB LED Aluminum Bar comes in stylish 1m aluminum housing,powered at DC12V.You can address each 3-LED section for the 60 RGB SMD5050 LEDs.Expansion is easily made by simply connecting bars in series (max 8m of lighting length).Conforming to DMX512 lighting protocol,you...Read More

  • DC12/24V DMX RGBW Aluminum Bar

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    DC12/24V DMX RGBW Aluminum Bar

    This version of DMX RGBW Aluminum Bar operates with a 12-24V DC range.There are 30 RGB LEDs and 30 white LEDs arranged in a line alternately.One extra channel added gives your events more color possibilities.It’s a DMX controlled lighting fixture and is programmable via any...Read More

  • DC48V DMX RGBW Aluminum Bar

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    DC48V DMX RGBW Aluminum Bar

    DMX RGBW Aluminum LED Bar comes in 1 meter length and DC48V operation.It is designed for outdoor applications and capable of withstanding subzero temperature at -35℃.The extension is easily made by connecting one bar after another in series up to 84 fixtures without worrying...Read More

  • RGB LED Pixel Bar

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    RGB LED Pixel Bar

    RGB Rigid LED Pixel Bar comes in 1 meter length of rigid PCB material in an aluminum profile.Each LED has the integrated light source,ie.Red,green and blue LEDs are integrated alongside a driver chip built right in.Each LED is also individually addressable with our local...Read More

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