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  • Mini Q-Dot (New Arrival)

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    Mini Q-Dot (New Arrival)

    Mini Q-Dot is able to transform 2D pixel mapping to 3D with the help of 3Cinno software programming, double side lighting effects can be seen from 360 degree viewing angle. Transparent and black cover delivers different lighting effects, and ...Read More

  • DMX X-Vtube (New Arrival)

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    DMX X-Vtube (New Arrival)

    DMX X-Vtube is the newest LED tube fixture delivering 3D effects better than ever. It not only physically capable of building interesting 2D or 3D models, it is also visible for 360 degrees with double-sided LEDs. Lightweight, durable, creative; consider to use this item for...Read More

  • DMX 3D Milky V-Tube (New Arrival)

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    DMX 3D Milky V-Tube (New Arrival)

    DMX 3D Milky V-tube deliver extraordinary super bright, 360 degree lighting effects with 5-sided LEDs, 72 LEDs on each PCB. Hanging the light vertically to get 360 degree visibility. Covered by milky diffuser, the light is soft and even without any hot spot. It is non...Read More

  • 1.2m RGB DMX LED Wall Washer (New Arrival)

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    1.2m RGB DMX LED Wall Washer (New Arrival)

    Our new DMX wall washer come with improved quality and reliability for outdoor use. A series of test necessary for a real outdoor fixture are conducted including waterproof test, salty spray test and UV test. It is also coated to avoid possible corrosion when used outdoor....Read More

  • DMX Mirror Bar(New Arrival)

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    DMX Mirror Bar(New Arrival)

    DMX mirror bar has a higher artistic level than competitions, featuring creative mirror effect all over the aluminum profile, including PC cover. Any design built with this reflective fixture will turn into a fun and enjoyable view that interacts with viewers. It is popular...Read More

  • 10Pixel/M DMX Flexible Strip (New Arrival)

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    10Pixel/M DMX Flexible Strip (New Arrival)

    This DMX ribbon is the fixture that truly meets the need of flexible lighting design. It comes in 5-meter reel with 60 Ledman's superbright LEDs per meter. You can cut each 6-LED section, address each and combine as many sections as you want to make new strips. Standard...Read More

  • DMX Ultra-Slim Bar (New Arrival)

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    DMX Ultra-Slim Bar (New Arrival)

    DMX Ultra-Slim Bar comes with slim design, easy to install for many hidden lighting effect. The slim design of the bar light gives the most flexibility of application and installation. The ultra-thin processing in the use of more save a space. Easy make any shape to meet the...Read More

  • DMX Dance Floor-16 Pixels(New Arrival)

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    DMX Dance Floor-16 Pixels(New Arrival)

    DMX Dance Floor-16 Pixels adopt high-brightness SMD5050 chips as LED light sources. Temper glass cover, high-class look, clean and tidy, easy clean, durable, and abrasion resistant. It’s highly portable with modular and lightweight design, easy transportation and...Read More

  • DMX Dance Floor(New Arrival)

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    DMX Dance Floor(New Arrival)

    This DMX LED Dance floor is more than digital floor effects, but also with interactive function, which can create lots of effect along with footstep. Built-in DMX controller and power supply allows for plug and play. The communication between panels is synchronized perfectly...Read More

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