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  • DMX R-Dot (New Arrival)

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    DMX R-Dot (New Arrival)

    DMX R-Dot is a versatile solution to entertainment and architectural lighting production.It comes in flexible strings that allows you to go for more interesting form factors.Each dot features a white or black square-shaped substrate with a twist-off round cap which makes the...Read More

  • DMX High Power Wall Wash Pixel Lights

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    DMX High Power Wall Wash Pixel Lights

    DMX Wall Wash Dot is designed to solve the problems that linear wall washer cannot handle.Conventional linear wall wash lights are clumsy with curve outlining and narrow space,but wall wash dot can do that just easy and right.Consider this dot as the each LED in a linear wall...Read More


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    DMX Super Dot is designed for long lasting outdoor uses and excellent lighting effects.It delivers multiple color available in RGBW, White and RGB.Conforming to DMX512, you can daisy chain them up to 40 pieces in series.Longer than that length will take extra power supply to...Read More

  • 50mm DMX Square LED Pixel Indoor(New Arrival)

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    50mm DMX Square LED Pixel Indoor(New Arrival)

    50mm DMX square LED pixel is used indoor only, featuring a square base covered by a translucent cube diffuser. The diffuser spreads out event and soft light, suitable for a variety of indoor applications at clubs, bars, parties, events and more. The lead cables come out of...Read More

  • DMX Ice Bar (New Arrival)

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    DMX Ice Bar (New Arrival)

    DMX Ice Bar delivers smooth and even glow with it specially designed diffuser of 18mm (0.71”) thickness.Soft light is spread out through translucent diffuser,reminding you of a colored ice bar.It delivers an understated yet graceful lighting effects to special events or a...Read More

  • DMX 3D Silver V-Tube (New Arrival)

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    DMX 3D Silver V-Tube (New Arrival)

    This model of V-Tube has a diffuser coated with silver inside,delivering a special lighting effects compared with V-tubes with a clear diffuser.You need to use T-connectors for hanging the tubes straight down.If you want to daisy chain V-tubes,custom solution is open to have...Read More

  • DMX 3D Laser V-Tube (New Arrival)

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    DMX 3D Laser V-Tube (New Arrival)

    DMX 3D Laser V-Tube is designed for powerful lighting source that adds laser to conventional V-tube.At the tube end joins a laser pixel that will be well presented by use of a fog machine.It is new and creative LED fixture ready for spicing up your next event.You will expect...Read More

  • DC48V DMX RGBW Aluminum Bar (New Arrival)

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    DC48V DMX RGBW Aluminum Bar (New Arrival)

    Compared with many other competition,this DMX RGBW Aluminum bar delivers uncompromising performance for outdoor uses.It is waterproof and cold resistant with a proven record of surviving subzero temperature at -35℃.With a DC48V operation,it allows for daisy chain of the bars...Read More

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