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High Power LED Pixel

  • DMX RGB LED Tube

    Contact NowDMX RGB LED TubeDMX Digital tube comes in a standard 1 meter length with 32 RGB LEDs,each 2-LED section addressable.It is larger in size than DMX bar fixtures and has a convex PC diffuser that joins clear and milky,fixed onto its aluminum substrate.There are two options concerning cable entry way.You can have...Read More

  • 42 Pixel/m DMX X-Bar

    Contact Now42 Pixel/m DMX X-Bar DMX X-Bar is designed for high capability of making creative 3D forms.It lets you have any interesting arrangements at your fingertips.All the possible 3D forms are delivered by the bars joining each other on X-Ball connectors with sockets.This model has 42 three in one LEDs and you can...Read More

  • 16 Pixel/m DMX Aluminum Bar

    Contact Now16 Pixel/m DMX Aluminum BarDMX Aluminum Bar is powered at DC12V.It comes in standard 1 meter length with 32 full color LEDs,each 2-LED section addressable.Optional length is available in 0.5m and 1.5m.Flat PC color joins clear and milky.Run this fixture in any standard DMX control system to make complex lighting design.It...Read More

  • SD LED Controller

    Contact NowSD LED ControllerThis version of SD card controls both DMX compatible LED lighting products as well as those with driver chips like WS2811,WS2801,WS2803,WS2803,to name a few. Features This controller reads SD cards that store programs for lighting. It’s applicable for LED lighting items with single- and...Read More

  • Real Time LED Controller

    Contact NowReal Time LED ControllerFeatures Working with the video mapping software LedEdit,LED lighting ranging from dot lighting to linear lighting is controllable by this controller. 8 ports, max controllable pixel up to 1024 for 32 gray scale level;512 for 256 gray scale level.Applicable for single-wire and double-wire driver...Read More

  • 600mm RGB DMX LED Wall Washer

    Contact Now600mm RGB DMX LED Wall WasherThis model of DMX LED Wall Washer comes in 0.6m meter sleek and weatherproof aluminum housing with a clear PC cover.Each fixture has RGB three channels and is controllable via DMX lighting protocol.Cree or Everlight LED chips is applied to produce bright and vivid lighting on...Read More

  • 20 Pixel/m DMX Aluminum Bar

    Contact Now20 Pixel/m DMX Aluminum BarDMX RGB LED Aluminum Bar comes in stylish 1m aluminum housing,powered at DC12V.You can address each 3-LED section for the 60 RGB SMD5050 LEDs.Expansion is easily made by simply connecting bars in series (max 8m of lighting length).Conforming to DMX512 lighting protocol,you can use any standard...Read More

  • RGB LED Pixel Bar

    Contact NowRGB LED Pixel BarRGB Rigid LED Pixel Bar comes in 1 meter length of rigid PCB material in an aluminum profile.Each LED has the integrated light source,ie.Red,green and blue LEDs are integrated alongside a driver chip built right in.Each LED is also individually addressable with our local WS2812 controller or in...Read More

  • Single Color DMX LED Wall Washer

    Contact NowSingle Color DMX LED Wall WasherThis model of LED wall washer delivers single color LEDs available in red,green,blue,white or other ordinary color controlled via DMX512.Easy maintenance, stylish construction and durable and long lasting outdoor lifespan give this lighting the main advantages over other wall washers.It applies...Read More

  • 1m RGB DMX LED Wall Washer

    Contact Now1m RGB DMX LED Wall WasherDMX RGB LED Wall Washer comes in a 1 meter sleek and weatherproof aluminum housing with PC cover.Compared with many other competition,it is a submersible LED wall wash fixture,delivering impressive performance in underwater environment.Each unit comes with a 120 degrees adjustable brackets.DMX...Read More

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