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16 Pixels Video Floor

  • 16 Pixels DMX Panel (25x25cm)

    Contact Now16 Pixels DMX Panel (25x25cm)This model of LED light panel comes in a 250mmx250mm sized PCB with 16 individually addressable LEDs,4 pieces in a row.It is powered at DC24V,and you can daisy chain the panels up to 10 units in series.It doesn’t apply any diffuser, leaving it open to your own solution.You can suspend the panel...Read More

  • 144 Pixels DMX Panel (30x30cm)

    Contact Now144 Pixels DMX Panel (30x30cm)This model of LED model delivers a high intensity of 144 three-in-one LEDs in a 300mmx300mm sized PCB.Each LED is controllable via DMX devices and the addresses run automatically when it connects to a DMX controller.It is designed for indoor uses,popular for DJs,shows,stages,nightclubs or...Read More

  • DMX Dance Floor

    Contact NowDMX Dance FloorThis DMX LED Dance floor is a innovative dance floor which combines digital floor and interactive floor functions. It can not only show various digital effects, but also have interactive effects to human body. Where you step, there will be a digital picture following your feet. Plug and play can be achieved by built-in DMX controller and power supply. The communication between LED fixtures ...Read More

  • 16 Pixels DMX Panel (30x30cm)

    Contact Now16 Pixels DMX Panel (30x30cm)DMX LED panel light in a DMX controlled lighting fixture that delivers individually addressable full color LEDs.This model comes in a 300mmx300m sized PCB without a diffuser.It is designed for creative source that inspires you to redesign the lighting effects it can potentially deliver.For daisy...Read More

  • 16 Pixel/m DMX X-Bar

    Contact Now16 Pixel/m DMX X-BarDMX X-Bar is a handy solution to your lighting projects where you plan 3D physical arrangements.The matched X-Ball connector with sockets make it possible to join each bar together and form a certain shape.It comes in a standard 1 meter length and optional length available in 0.5 meter or get a...Read More

  • 36 Pixels DMX Panel (15x15cm)

    Contact Now36 Pixels DMX Panel (15x15cm)DMX RGB Light Panel features a square PCB with full color LEDs arranged in rows without any shield.Unlike commercial panel lights,it is an intelligently addressable type of LED fixture that lets you address each LED independently.It conforms to DMX512 lighting protocol and you can run this...Read More

  • 36 Pixels DMX Panel (25x25cm)

    Contact Now36 Pixels DMX Panel (25x25cm)DMX LED Panel Light leaves the room for your creative idea of remaking the final lighting effects.Without any diffuser,it lets you realize your dream design by adding your own custom solution.This model features a 250mmx250mm sized panel with 36 full color LEDs.Every LED is controllable in DMX...Read More

  • 16 Pixel/m DMX Aluminum Bar

    Contact Now16 Pixel/m DMX Aluminum BarDMX Aluminum Bar is powered at DC12V.It comes in standard 1 meter length with 32 full color LEDs,each 2-LED section addressable.Optional length is available in 0.5m and 1.5m.Flat PC color joins clear and milky.Run this fixture in any standard DMX control system to make complex lighting design.It...Read More

  • 36 Pixels DMX Panel (30x30cm)

    Contact Now36 Pixels DMX Panel (30x30cm)This model of DMX panel comes in 300mmx300mm sized PCB with 36 addressable LEDs,6 LEDs in a row.It delivers great performance when controlled in a DMX system.It is designed for indoor uses in nightclub decoration,bars,or any other lighting projects;also the coverless design lets you take the...Read More

  • Artnet To DMX Interface 16 Ports

    Contact NowArtnet To DMX Interface 16 PortsThis version of ArtNet DMX Controller features 16 DMX universes or 8192 DMX Channels.Using specialized IP packets,this node can control 2730 RGB digital LED pixels or DMX512 compatible lighting fixtures.It offers a handy solution to clubs,DJs and VJs,stages or any other entertainment venues that...Read More

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