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  • WS2811 30mm LED Pixel

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    WS2811 30mm LED Pixel

    30mm WS2811 LED Pixel share the same look with its DMX version.It is ws2811 based and is controllable via a WS2811 controller.You can use it in a DMX control system only when you use a DMX to PWM decoder to convert the DMX signal.It’s great for decoration in bars,...Read More

  • WS2811 50mm LED Pixel

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    WS2811 50mm LED Pixel

    50mm WS2811 LED Pixel is based on WS2811.It is physically same with its DMX version.WS2811 based LED fixture is a cost-effective solution to you event if you are not looking for high end DMX lighting items.Still it is controllable via a WS2811 controller or even by DMX...Read More

  • WS2811 100mm LED Pixel

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    WS2811 100mm LED Pixel

    When you are searching pixel lights for large-scale building illumination,100mm WS2811 RGB Pixel will be a cost-effective solution. Based on WS2811,RGB color changing mode is controlled by WS2811 controller.It is still possible to use DMX interface for control only when a DMX...Read More

  • WS2811 LED Module (25x19mm)

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    WS2811 LED Module (25x19mm)

    This model has the appearance that looks like the combination of 32*32mm module with the top of F12 module. It’s also WS2811 based and intelligently addressable. WS2811 WS2811-based LEDs. IP65 Weatherproof lighting fixture. Similar Products: WS2811 F12 LED Module WS2811 LED...Read More

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